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How to make Make Millions of FFXIV Gil By Running Dungeon

This is an easy guide to teach you how to make millions of Blade and Soul Gold by running one dungeon!

This is a way to make like a ton of FFXIV Gil depending upon your server and the market board. What we will be selling is and for me right now is just normal quality but you might be able to even do high quality based on your skill.


Let me just go ahead and show you really quick what we are gonna be doing. Look at it you need the dilemma three or the myth right or and the X icon with right. Well, I can’t even mine be lumpy threat right now. But on my server, I want to show you here, you can pick up the lumber through right for really in expensive. If I had enough money to blow it, that’s at this point I just bough a bunch more stuff. But if I had enough money to buy it at six, I would certainly pick it up at six. Somebody here is trying to get up, they posted this here hoping for under cutters. Don’t your stack of 44 cheaper than a stack 99. Post underneath your for or underneath like this.I am buying 9002 piece and it only takes three, so I am spending less than 30,000 to make one of these. 

Watch the Video for details!

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