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How to make FFXIV Gil by selling Kits in FFXIV Heavensward 3.4

I make this a quick video to kind of show players some of the ways that I am using to make some FFXIV Gil back after not being in the game for a long period of time.

One of the things that I am actually working on doing and this is actually something that was kind of suggested to me by a parterre AFC member of min are hardly Jan who game this idea. But one thing that I’ve actually been able to sell to kids to this so far is I was able to make myself some leave turn-ins for cooking. And the best part of this a hardly pointed out to me was it is not like you’ve got an entire inventory full of stuff because the cooking stuff tacks. So I’ve got two kits right here in my inventory right now. These things are ready to be sold, so how do you sell them you might as. If you head over to the party finder, you will see that I actually do have it advertised right here. I am selling cooking kits level 15 through 50 leave turn inspired a 700 K whisper me to left pre-made. It is really important that you say pre-made so that people know that as soon as they buy it, they don’t have to wait for you to go ahead and make it because it does take a long time to do. Someone just send whisper to WFC leader.

Anyway, what I am doing here is being able to make a really quick transaction. Having these thing already crafted now, I have actually got probably almost to Moore’s worth crafted and put in my retainers at the moment. But I am carry two on hand destitute. I am trying to sell. You don’t really have a huge amount of inventory space. It is taken up by this so you can keep it in the retainer, if you need to and then get it as you will, or you can very simply just carry it around and take up less than a quarter your bags. This is one thing that I have been doing to help kind of expedient. My FFXIV Gil making process doesn’t look like. I have a lot of gils there. I was able to do with make money like this. I was able to gear myself out fully and blues. The only thing that I am really missing is where is my frying pan, and on my off hands I am missing my grinder here for my jewel crafter.

My off hand here and my knife as well for my culinarian. And that is it! I am pretty much gotten all the rest of them and I was some melds going on my gear, too. Those are the ones that I’ve got started so far, but I was able to get that much done are using this. Actually, I mean using other means to and I make video. If you are max crafter, if you have at least one, that is completely max crafted, you can create these kits and sell them to make yourself some FFXIV Gil. Because especially if you have gathered, it is not hard to do so.

That are some of the ways that I am making money so far just with only pretty much one max crafter and a gather , if you have a botanist and a culinary culinarian, to to a couple vendors here and there. You will pretty much get everything! The only thing I had to buy was knight milk off of the market board because I don’t have the self reputation just.

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