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How to get 5 Million Gil Per Hour in FFXIV

In this video, I am going to show you how to get 5 million FFXIV Gil an hour. Time-honored useful great way of making is still a great way of making money even after all this flip in time flippety-flip.

Simply come to this vendor called Rain, just right next to the old art except some mild a fright. They can now purchase quality gear - Bridemaid Sandals. I prefer the sandals to the Gators because it give better results. And as well they have made it way easy to get. They get one field craft that material free. For example, let me show you what I have been doing for the last hour to try and make some FFXIV Gil. It is very nice as that it does give things like Spruce Lumber and so on. And it gives the levers.

I will check what the numbers are for. Our main target right now is to get it. I do with whether they are not worth much. But they are still worth thousands. So do not ignore their value. If anything, it can be a really good way level from like 70 to light 100 plus. And they have enough this size. Getting 200 plus D self, doing this is really very fast now compared to before. But the SF now goes to like 160+, this is all content. Every time there is a new patch, these materials are needed again.

It is money made simple as that. So I’ve barely been going at this for an hour. I have increased my decent. I was level worker by like 100 points today because I dropped carpet are decent. The reason I’ve been loving leveling up worker is because I have even grander plans. So you have see I have already I have released the 2 million gillion.

You can also sell the other materials, like the spoon slumbers and the hard Hippogriff clever. Just watch the video and follow my steps, you can easily get 5 million an hour!

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