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How to be a Good Gladiator in Final Fantasy XIV

Are you looking to tank in Final Fantasy XIV? Gladiator may just be the class for you! Gladiator is a tanking job in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. Gladiator’s main job is to generate as much enmity as possible, holding the hate of the enemy in question. In game ,Gladiator is with a sword and shield. It is not a good damage dealer, if you like that, you can choose, Pugilists, Lancers or Archers.


If you choose Gladiator as your class, you will end up in Ul'Dah. Follow the main story quests, and it is easy to reach full level. Before you head off to other cities in the airship, you’d better reach at least level 10. When you get to Gridania, speak with the receptionist at the Conjurer’s guild. And you can unlock the Conjurer class, when you reach level 15. If you want to unlock Paladin, you should reach level 30.

With your level up, you can learn new sword skills, the higher your level is, the more skills you can learn. These skills can help you during party play and run dungeons. Gladiators specialize in tanking single mobs, and can handle a group during low level dungeons. Make sure skills available when running dungeons, suck as Flash work against all nearby enemies and it can combine with Riot Blade to restore MP.

When reaching level 18, you can learn the Shield Bash ability, which stuns most enemies and works quite well when attempting an area attack. It has 2.5 second recast timer, therefore it can’t be done too often. And don’t spam this action except that you see the mob attempting to perform an attack when you try to stop. During boss battles, it is not available to stop every attack. But it does well in stunning most enemies you will meet during dungeon runs.

You’d better master all the skills of Gladiator and alternately use these various skills to make sure you maintain hate. Also, you need keep an eye on TP usage. Some actions like Riot Blade and Shield Base consumes TP, and you can use them when your TP is too low. Keep on eye on actions that don’t consume as much TP like Savage Blade and Fast Blade to save the strong and more TP techniques for when you really need to get a mob’s attention.

As for gear and stats, vitality (VIT) is a significant stat for Gladiators. It can increase the health and defensive abilities. Strength (STR) is also important for holding hate and dishing out damage. Though Gladiators is not good at dealing damage, every bit of damage can help to hold hate, especially when the real damage dealers will be dishing it out in much high levels that you are.

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