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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.56 Solves some Inner Issues

FFXIV patch 3.56 has brought the main scenario of Heavensward to a dramatic finish as the scions confront the impending threat now looming over Baelsar’s Wall. With the restriction being removed, Challenging Alexander has never been easier. If you have joined battle in the Wolves’ Den, then you can go to the steel for the fourth season of the feast. More fantastic are await in the Far Edge of Fate.

Compared with patch 2.0 x, the below issues are dressed.
An issue wherein the reward was indicated as FFXIV Gil for the side story quest”Some Assembly Required”.
An issue wherein certain texts appeared incorrectly in the side story quest,”A Familial Resemblance”.
An issue in the Feast wherein the help text for “Wolf’s Heart Kit” was incorrect.
An issue wherein crests cannot be put on the item, “Zurvanite Shield”.
An issue during party search wherein selecting “Reset Criteria” may not change back to default settings.
An issue wherein queueing in the duty finder may cause the client to crash under certain conditions.
An issue in Frontline wherein damage received while riding a mount may not inflict “heavy”.
An issue wherein the item “Painting of Jijiroon’s Trading Post” was not included within the landscape list.
An issue wherein certain content and duty status window information appeared incorrectly when queueing for an alliance raid.
An issue wherein the item “Pair of Filibuster’s Gauntlets of Striking” was indicated as requiring leathercraft for repair, desynthesis, and glamour.

The issue wherein NPC graphics and effects may not appear correctly in certain cutscenes has been confirmed.

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