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Final Fantasy XIV Beginning Guide

When you play FFXIV for the first time, you need to create a character, and your race doesn’t matter a lot. The character can simply switch classes in FFXIV from level 1. Then you should go all they way up to the full level and complete the main story quests. When you get full access to freely explore other classes and earn some cross-class abilities to bring back to your other jobs. This game keeps the level of your highest class and gives you an exp bonus proportional to what level you are with your new class, so just experiment away.

When you get started, you will start to do quests to acclimate the basic mechanics of A Realm Reborn. When you unlock airship travel and you can choose a desert (Ul'dah), a sea-faring town (Limsa Lominsa), or a forest (Gridania) as your theme. Limsa Lominsa is probably the easiest town to learn the layout for, as it mostly consists of straight hallways. Ul'dah is a giant circle with multiple snaking hallways and Gridania is separated into two major "blocks."

There are many ways to level up. The easiest way is to follow the main story quests, which will bring you to new areas and hubs, at which you should grab every single quest in the area and do them before moving on.

Also, you can participate in FATEs to gain extra exp bonus. The purple star icon or blue bubble are marked as FATE. You can earn certain amount of exp which depends on your contribution. Pay attention to "FATE Groups" in chat or the "looking for party" function, as they tend to just go from FATE to FATE and grind experience.

Another way to gain exp is to complete levequests which are repeatable and allow you to do the same objectives again and again till you run out of allowances. There are playing card symbols on the map.

Also you can upgrade by duty finder when you reach level 10. You can run dungeons, Guildhests and Trials. Just progress with story as far as you can to earn the most appropriate dungeons for your level. You can also opt to do a "roulette" once a day for bonus experience.

Besides, you can earn xp by kiling foes. You can visit the three major towns which have an Innkeeper to earn an extra rested exp pool. If you want to log out for an extended period of time, head to the inn first. The easiest Inn path is to teleport to Limsa Lominsa, teleport to the Aftcastle, and run backwards into the Drowning Wench alehouse.

In short, you always have options when it comes to leveling your character up to continue on with the story. If you want to buy FFXIV Gil, go to FFXIVGilBuy.com! It is cheap and safe!

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