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FFXIV Secondary Class Leveling Guide

We all know that there is a secondary class in FFXIV. There are 13 jobs, each of them has its secondary class, respectively are Paladin-Conjurer, White Mage-Arcanist, Warrior-Gladiator, Ninja-Pugilist, Summoner-Thaumaturge, Astrologian-Conjurer, Monk-Lancer, Black Mage-Archer, Machinist-Archer, Bard-Pugilist, Dragon-Marauder and Scholar-Conjurer.


When leveling the primary class to level 30 and secondary class to level 15 and completing the primary main story quest at 30, players can unlock respective jobs. Then, players should emphasize on the secondary class. Some players search key guides in relevant forums and level up them with some necessary materials, and some other players ask professional power leveling for help. I want to share some tips of boosting secondary class according to my experience.

1.Do your guildhests. They can give an xp bonus the first time you it on that class. Make sure you have accomplished all of them as there are more challenges for guildhests.

2.Do Duty Roulette every day. Duty Roulette can give you a huge exp boost and make your upgrade 1 level a day, half from the dungeon and half for the roulette. Just do half a hour a day, you can finish them in a month.

3.Do Leves. Levequests can give you big rewards if you choose the higher difficulty, which is an efficient way of leveling. You can kill monsters to get the bonus and xp. Usually, it takes 6-8 minutes to do four of them with +2 difficulty and you can get half a level exp each time.

4.When you level to 44, you can start to run the first room of DD again and again, and you can level to 50 in a day.

5. Don’t forget to do your challenges. Different dungeons gives your different bonus.

6. Don’t forget the 3% exp buff from eating food and the 10% exp buff from having the FC buff on.

Above all, Duty Roulettes > Highest lvl Dungeon spam > FATEs > Levequests > Grinding mobs

Just do all these to boost your secondary job fast. If you want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil, FFXIVGilBuy provides huge stock of FFXIV Gil with instant delivery and 24/7 live service!

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