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FFXIV New Relic Weapon Upgrade 3.45 Guide

This is a relic weapon quest guide for Final Fantasy XIV. If you want to FFXIV Gil, FFXIVGilBuy is a professional websites selling FFXIV Gils.

As a Warrior, the sharpened axis of the blood Emperor which is i-264 those you who are wondering which is great. Now the patch notes show that there are three new quests, so I am interested. Because if this first one gives you the 260 weapon, I’m wondering if the other ones do anything more. The patch notes didn’t show new weapons being added in, so I am interested to see what goes into this actual thing. The process itself other than these two giving us some crappy stock dialogue about how we need to just keep making it better like we have done the last five steps.


I am happy with this because as much as the soffit weapons have been nice. The shower weapons are not that great for tanks. And I was a little concerned if we didn’t get a i-260 upgrade. Soon we would be as you know tanks paladin’s warriors and Dark Knights alike would be in a position where we wouldn’t necessarily be able to optimized in savage. I know the Creator Savage easier than minus. A lot of people have already gone through and cleared at this point. But it would be nice to have some stability.

Now for those of you who are paying close attention, I have updated my characters look in real life. I have not been baby face for a few months, so I figured out add something on my character, but it looks a little weird. So I think I might just change it back.

Let’s see what I need to do here for the actual upgrades that’s the part I know we are almost interested in. Talk to idle, the idol dick. I just hope since they killed us getting to the i-240 of stage of this that they got cut us a break. It is 20 item levels, so it can’t be too easy. But from 210 to 230, it was pretty straightforward. I actually stopped major, I was fully stocked on like every form of currency. Try to help this process along all.

What can you do for me you can just hand me my 260 weapon that was awesome. Working with cerulean is no easy task to be heard of error. Who the hell are these freaking weirdos? Watch the below Video !

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