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FFXIV Guide:How to Play Astrologian

With the Heavensward expansion, there were new jobs added to FFXIV. Astrologian as the healing job of the group plays almost like a hybird of White Mage and Scholar from A Realm Reborn. Just like White Mage and Scholar, white Astrologian can inflict damage. The main purpose is to heal.

As for how to Unlock Astrologian, when you have completed all the story quests and unlocked the ability to access Heavensward content, head to the Pillars in Athenaeum Astrologicum. Go inside and speak to Jannequinard to start the Astrologian quest which is fairly straightforward, which makes you unlock the new job very quickly. And the job starts at level 30.

White Mage has Cleric Stance, which cuts its cure potency but swapped their intelligence and mind stats to give them a significant damage boost. A good White Mage can turn Cleric Stance on and off many times through a fight. Astrologian has two stances which don’t work in the same way.

Since Astrologain can’t change stances during battle, you have to select your desired stance before a battle starts. At level 30, Astrologain can use the Diurnal Sect and get access to the Nocturnal Sect stance which can give cur potency a 5% boost and adds a shield to all Aspected speels at level 50. You should have one of these stances active at all times.

Except for the two stances, Astrologian can also use cards. An Astrologian can draw a new card every 30 seconds. Then play it and drop or save it for later use. There are six cards for Astrologian to draw: Oschon’s Arrow (Wind),Thaliak’s Ewer (Water), Nophica’s Bole (Earth), Azeyma’s Balance (Fire), Byregot’s Spire (Lightning) and Halone’s Spear (Ice).

Oschon’s Arrow can increase attack speed and lowers the global cool down and cast time of spells, which can be exclusively be used on DPS classes. While it can also be helpful if you have a Dark Knight or Warrior tank it.

Nophica's Bole can reduce the damage a party member takes, which is best for tank, but also works for DPS class.

Azeyma’s Balance can increase the damage output of a party member, which should be used on a DPS class to boost their overall damage.

Byregot’s Spire can reduce the amount of TP used for skills and comes in handy during longer battles, which should generally be used on a DPS job and also be beneficial if you see a Warrior using Overpower a lot, or some other similar situation.

You have 15 seconds to decide how to use it once you have drawn a card. It will expire if the card is not used during the time. And the Draw ability cool down begins. It is completely random and you can’t choose which card you draw. You can use the Spread to save a card for use at a later time or the shuffle ability to return a card to your deck and draw another one.

Astrologian also has the Royal Road ability which essentially throws away a card while simultaneously giving the Astrologian a buff. The buff you get is determined by the card you burn. If you burn Nophica’s Bole or Azeyma’s Balance the next card you play will gain a 150% potency boost. Byregot’s Spire and Thaliak’s Ewer double the duration of the next card played. Oschon’s Arrow and Halone’s Spear change the effects of the next card played to cover all party members within a small radius around the target party member.

All in all, Astrologian is a unique healing jobs in FFXIV with a lot of plays.

Hope this guide can be helpful for your playing Astrologain.

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