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FFXIV Guide:How to make lots of FFXIV Gil with only Battle Content - Patch 3.4

This is a guide to show you a few ways to make a lot of FFXIV Gil and non craft or gather. If you are just doing battle content, you can still make a lot of here. If you come here to your grandson 20, you can buy some crafting materials with your recompense vessels.

Let’s for example as Excel and products, they each cost 250 companies seals. These are materials for the new 250 craftable here. So there are a lot of demand for them. So let’s see the market both how much they are. Let’s check Razak’s app,its all around nine cape. So just for only 250 grand company seals. You can get 99K FFXIV Gil. That’s really a lot. This is a high demand mature. As you can see, the whole page of the cell histories just want to date 11 October. So the demand is really really high for this. So I recommended this.


Another way to make FFXIV Gil as a non cluster of Godhead is your Lord times. Let’s go to that idle shire. If you come here to idle shire, they sent me see that you buy the stock. Go to Lourdes and other option. Here you can see all the crafting materials. I recommended only selling Goblacquer, because most crafters don’t need Goblacquer and in few cells in more quantity and cost less Tomestones sulfure with only 15-20 lower each. You can make around 10K FFXIV Gil. You can check the market board for these materials.

The ones we are interesting mostly are this Hemicyon Hide invincible. Still, miss you on high and gobbling of these are mostly used for the new gear. They cost you more Lord. And they don’t sell as much because most crafters don’t need this. Let’ check the market what are the prices of these DIYs. So far, each 20 lower. If you don’t need the lord yourself, you can make 12K FFXIV Gil. It might be a different price in your server. Let’s see the invincible silk shawl Caswell, the demand is 14K. Let’s see gobbling, all these costs 20 easter soil. Gobbling sells for less price, while the demand is higher because are used to make the resultant direct trading solvents.Another 14 Grand Company material is doing for this. This costs 2254. You can make about this much from the other day. They were like 100K, so the price jump up and down.

For the mot part, I recommended selling for axial bore. Axis also sells 250 Grand Companies seals. Each you can make 10K out of ten. So I just wanted to show you guys don’t craft or gather, you can still make a lot of FFXIV Gil this way.

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