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FFXIV Guide for Dungeon Success Part 2

As I wrote the first part guide for Dungeon Success, here I update the guide about how to use minimum effort for max. How to tank, DPS, or heal the lazy, but super effective way. To buy Cheap FFXIV Gil, FFXIVGilBuy is your best choice!

Cure/Physick/Benefic your tank repeatedly, during pulls, never stop even if they are at max HP. Feel free to use Medica II. During bosses fighting, do it every 10 seconds at least. Thought it is a 30 second buff, Medica is pointless now you have Version 2. When you are ready at the brink of 0 MP, use only Shroud of Saints. Once it is convenient, vote to kick the tank if he fails to hold aggro from your rabidly unnecessary group heal spam.

Feel free to Medica II, but definitely do so every 10 seconds at least during bosses. It's a 30 second buff, but surely Medica is pointless now you have Version 2. Only use Shroud of Saints when you're already at the brink of 0 MP. Vote to kick the tank as soon it's convenient if he fails to hold aggro from your rabidly unnecessary group heal spam.

Tips: Never help kill enemies with any of your several damaging spells. You are a healer and your main job is for healing.


Individual DPS jobs would be a whole bunch of guides on their own. A good half of the battle in dungeons is simply popping your best damage-boosting cooldowns and blasting anything that i 3 or more targets with AOE attacks.

Since your Invigorate is not ready and TP runs out, you can revert to single target attacks, but hope the pack is nearly dead and numbers have dwindled by this time. What’s more, you can gain proficiency by bosses killing as they can train your core single-target rotation. And you will be skilled damage-dealer that gets commendations.

Min/max method
This is your easiest ride of your life. When you would like to, use your abilities and damage-boosting cooldowns in whatever order. The best thing for DPS is that whatever you do, other players in the party will make up for whatever damage you should supposed be dealing.

In my opinion, Black Mage ice spells are so much weightier that makes me wonder why some chose the so-called Triple Flare and Five IV.

As AoE attacks jut take too much TP, it is safe to keep those off the botbar. Stick to single-target attcks and work your way through the 6 or 7 enemies when the tank makes a big pull, which take some time so that you will not notice while watching the backlog of Dexter on Netflix.

For Bards, an important point is to always save all of your MP for Mage’s Ballad, no matter how much Mages in your party benefit from Foe Requiem. Just simply wait until your healer types some variant of Ballad please in chat log, at least 5 times.

Now, I think you have a clear clue of how to take your minimum effort to the max.

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