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FFXIV Guide about Material and Melding

Since the best material in FFXIV comes from deconstructing some of the best gear, they are quite expensive and rare. Materials in FFXIV are the lifeblood of gear customization. There are two elements to material, respectively are desynthesis and slotting them in gear.

You should complete the level 19 quest in Central Thanalan - ‘Forging the Spirit’ in order to convert items to materials as this is an introduction to the system. When you wear equipment, it spiritbonds with you as you gain EXP. Normally, the item must be soulbound to you and you should have at least one skill when wearing it. At 100% spiritbond, you can convert it into material by using the ‘convert’ command. The material you gain is dependent on your level, random chance and the type of gear.

DoH: Craftsmanship, CP, Control
DoL: Gathering, GP, Perception
DoM: Same as DoW, but with int instead of str.
DoW: Str, Dex, Vit, Parry, Skill Speed, Critical Hit Rate, Accuracy, Elemental Resist, and Determination

On lower level gear, spiritbonding goes faster. You can find specific runs in the game for spiritbonding. Once the raiding scene cranks up, players need more and more materials. Also, you can choose different gears to equip, which can help to make it faster.

Below is the chance for material that you can get.

ilvl 1-14: 100% Tier 1
ilvl 15-29: 90% Tier 1, 10% Tier 2
ilvl 30-44: 90% Tier 2, 10% Tier 3
ilvl 45-60: 90% Tier 3, 10% Tier 4
ilvl 60-159?: 90% Tier 4, 10% Tier 3
ilvl 159?+: ?% Tier 5

As for melding materials, you need take a crafting profession to level 19. Or when you complete the quest - Waking the Spirit, you can start to melding your materials into your gear. You need a Carbonized Matter for the specific level to meld it. Besides, each tier of material has its own specific level equipment, for instance, Tier 5 needs level 70 or above.

This is a brief introduction to the material system in FFXIV. Materials are perhaps the best items to sell on the marketplace, therefore you can buy a specific one from it. Or you can sell your undesired materials for FFXIV Gil.

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