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FFXIV Chocobo Art School is Open

There are many Chocobos in FFXIV. Square Enix held a FFXIV FanFest2017 featured a Chocobo Art School in the latest FanFest. If you like draw pictures or good at drawing animals and birds, you can join in! If you want to know how to draw a non chibi chocobo but this was definitely cute, you can find the video on facebook to learn! You can buy cheap FFXIV Gil from FFXIVGilBuy to buy Chocobo for your flying mounts!

There will be two run-throughs!

Use the first run-through for a rough sketch. It only lasts 2 minutes, so just scribble away!

In the second run-through, we'll pause the video regularly, to give you time to draw!

He is placing his foot flat and steady on the groud.

Was that too fast?

No worries, we have got you covered. Backwards, through the aether stream!

Some players said the tail isn't naner shape. Its too chubby, short, and not curved. Maybe a pair of lemons that mutated from a singular lemon.

Some other players said Square Enix probably wouldn't be able to give you the quality and frequent amount of content in FFXIV if it was F2P. $12.99/month is not that bad considering that's how much you'll spend getting a burger, fries, and drink these days. But I don't know your financial situation, so have fun playing your inferior ESO.

Then we show some gorgeous chocobos in FFXIV for your reference.
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