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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Aurum Vale Dungeon Guide

This is a level 47 optional dungeon unlocked in the central highlands in FFXIV of Realm Reborn. If you want to buy cheap FFXIV gil, FFXIVGilBuy is your best choice with the lowest price!

This is a fairly challenging dungeon. A lot of trash polls contain multiple mobs so use of crowd control abilities is valued throughout the dungeon. Notice Yellow petals standing in them does damage over times so be sure to maneuver around this as possible as you can.

You will also notice the number of different geysers throughout the area and these might put you right into another set of trash. To be safe, tanks can pull trash back to open areas to avoid most of these.

Know any mechanics: the first box you will encounter is the lock smith. I am not sure why he is named that. He is definitely not the first I call when I locked myself out of my apartment.

The first thing you should notice i the marble for lying around the room. These are interactive and play an important role in the actual encounter.

The locksmith has an alien ability that can be avoid by stepping outside the red circle of doom throughout the fight. You will gradually debuff everyone in the room with gold lung. This is a stackable debuff that will do more and more damage over time. The higher its tax get as this debuff can’t be dispelled. They way to counter this mechanic lies in the moral fruits at around two stacks of gold among all players should interact consume the fruit. The fruit will cure you of all status ailments. Any for you eat will eventually response. You can continue eating them once you hit two stacks of the debuff. Repeat this until the boss is defeated.

For anyone looking to acquire the moral seeding minion, it can be found in a test after the first boss. Once you kill this interesting set of trash. Once a guard marble fruit will begin to germinate, if they finish their cast, they turn into marble seedings. They don’t have very many hit potins and can be easily killed before the extra mobs.

Bound gold mines are similar to every other moral you’ve encountered in this game. Getting hit by its bad breath will debuff you with a ton of ailments. Obviously, try to avoid this as much as possible.

The third boss is coin counter for anyone that’s done the eyes. Have it faith southwest dragonhold, you will have a leg up on this guy. None of coin counters AOE abilities Telegraph so you really need to watch him and his Casper to see what’s coming up next. One of his main attacks is glower, coin counter will turn to a random player and cast it. The player needs to move out of his line of sight or get hit by this massive attack. Strafing a few steps to the left or the right is the easiest way to avoid this tanks and mainly need to watch out for this two swings. He will do a 100-ton swipe quite often throughout the fight. This is a frontal cone that should be avoided by the tank. The easiest way to do this is to run behind him while he casted the group.

Be sure to never stand in front of him. All ranged and healers need to stand at max range or risk being hit by his mid-range ability. This does some fairly spicy damage but is inanely easy to avoid, so stay as far as possible at least until he starts to cast eye of the beholder.

If you see the emote, the coin counter takes a moment to reconsider all ranged and healers need to tack near him. This is similar to chimera and cutters cry coin will Bailey the entire room except a small area around him. Be sure to move in to avoid that access damage. He will also do a 1000 tonne swing, which is the important one. This attack is a point-blank carry that will one hit kill anyone in his range including tanks. Disability can and should be interrupted. If you are not planning to interrupt disability, make sure that the million tanks no to GTFO before each these swings.

I have also been told that he sometimes will drop enmity and begin to chase the random party member while AOE in front of him. I didn’t actually come across this in my run so I have no actual footage of it, but don’t be surprised if this does happen in your group so that is a lot of mechanics to remember but long as you remember to stack for eye of the beholder. Avoid the flower and don’t hit by the swipe or the swing, and you will be fine.

We have another team morals to kill before we gain access to the last boss- the misers mistress.
Once again, you will notice marble fruit lying around the room. And again we will use this to cure rd Beth’s throughout the fight. The stacking diva doesn’t actually do as much as gold london as on the first boss. So you can wait to eat the fruit until you have about three to four sacks of the debuff. Be sure to avoid the bad breath. However, if you do get hit, there are a lot of fruits that you can eat this by yourself throughout the fight. The mistress will spawn a number of marble fruits in a ring around her. These will begin to germinate and should be a wee down as fast a possible. If any survive your initial garage, they will spawn normal seat things. Obviously, this just makes the fight last longer. So focus your damage on the fruit as soon as they come up.

Remember to handle your debuff stock and you will have her down in no time. There you have it our own sail. Hopefully you’ve got a cute pet out of it because other than that I don’t really see any reason to run this place.

There are far easier ways to unlock and deport keep in the loop that drops. Here isn’t great but at least it was interesting.

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