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Easiest way to Leveling up in FFXIV Heavensward

This guide is to introduces some ways to leveling fast in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward. If you want to level your character to level 50 fast, just go over the various methods to upgrade your character to full level as fast as you can.

Things to Make Leveling Easier

Go to do daily roulette for the first of they day bonus every day. Sometimes, you can upgrade a level by gaining xp with daily quests. Then you can do the dungeon and the guildhest. If you are DPS, queue and do other things. If you are tanks or healers, you can expect near instant queues. This has to be done solo rather than in group.

It is smart to build up to rested EXP that you always log out in a sanctuary.

It is easily to get an EXP buff from food no matter the food is cheap or expensive.

Except that there is something specific like grinding mobs in a fate, which can spawns a ton of low health same xp mnsters, it is a bad idea to grind.

The challenge log and hunting can grant you a great deal of EXP for simple tasks like king a number of enemies or completing dungeons. The challenge log resets each week and each assignment in the challenge log gives a 10% of your current EXP level. At level 15, you can get the challenge log through a side quest.

In terms of easiest way to level up, it is normally not the fastest way. Firstly, you can queue for a dungeon which is good for gaining EXP. When completing hunting log, do main and side quests. Quests are the most mindless path of EXP. And you can get secondary jobs to boost your EXP.

For the first character, the best way to gain EXP is to completing main story quests. The main story can be the vast majority or EXP and can lead you to know where the quests are. Quests, dungeons, main story are plenty of enough to make your quickly leveling from 1 to 50.

F.A.T.Es are quite important for your challenge and hunting log if something spawns in the FATE. Considering the double story scenario EXP and players must complete the story to explore Heavensward, it is useful to join FATE. Daily quests are good, dungeons are great, plus the main story quests and side quests along with guildhest and dungeons, all of which make you level easily and fast. After level 30, you can run out of things to do quest wise at some point. What’s more, don't forget your job quests too! They unlock additional EXP.

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